LYKSTAGE hosts its first-ever Creators' Meet in Kolkata, Creating a Buzz in the Indian Social Media Space

LYKSTAGE hosts its first-ever Creators' Meet in Kolkata, Creating a Buzz in the Indian Social Media Space

In the heart of East, Kolkata is abuzz with excitement as LYKSTAGE takes center stage with its very first Creators' Meet. The spotlight is on this dynamic social media platform that's already revolutionizing the way we experience content creation. Brace yourselves, because some of India's most celebrated creators are about to converge right here in the City of Joy!

LYKSTAGE (https://www.lykstage.com) marked its entry into the Indian social media scene just two months ago, and it's been nothing short of a phenomenon. In a short span, it has fostered a thriving community of content creators spanning various genres, including food, travel, fashion, automobiles, lifestyle, education, and sports. But what truly sets LYKSTAGE apart is its innovative approach to content sharing, paving the way for creators to monetize their content.

Here's why LYKSTAGE is the talk of the town:

Monetization from Day One: For creators, LYKSTAGE is where dreams turn into reality. The platform allows you to share your passion, and start earning from the very first day. Viewers get Rewarded for their Time: It's not just about creating content; it's about fostering a community. Your viewers and subscribers directly contribute to your earnings, while also gaining rewards for the time they spend on your content. It's a win-win!

Time is Money: LYKSTAGE believes in the power of watch time. Content that exceeds thirty seconds is where your wallet starts bulging. The longer your viewers stay engaged, the more you earn.

Live Streaming: Live TV, live streaming, and robust content security are part of the package.

Stay Connected: LYKSTAGE is on a roll. The web version is already at your fingertips, and Android and iOS apps are being optimized for the best user experience. 

So, gear up, Kolkata! The future of the creator economy has arrived, and its name is LYKSTAGE. Join the revolution, create content, watch, earn, and let's write the next chapter of the Indian social media story together.

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